Cambridge - supporting education during the national school shutdown

In order to support schools, teachers and learners during the current crisis, Cambridge University Press South Africa is providing free access to a range of CAPS-approved Study & Master e-textbooks and selected resource materials via the Cambridge Elevate and Cambridge HOTmaths digital learning platforms.

  • Access Study & Master CAPS-approved Learner's Books for the Foundation, Intermediate, Senior and FET Phases
  • Access Study & Master Maths Online CAPS for Intermediate and Senior Phases

How does it work?

Using the below links, you will need to send us some basic details and a valid email address. We will email you a unique access code along with instructions on how to activate the relevant profile on either the Cambridge Elevate or Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition platforms.

Request access to Study & Master CAPS-approved Learner's Books for Grades 1-12

Please follow this link to request access and submit your details. We will email you a unique digital access code.

Request access to Study & Master Maths Online for Grades 4-9

Please follow this link to request access and submit your details. We will send you an activation code to access Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition.

Study & Master Support Packs for Grade 12

To support Grade 12s, we have put together a set of free worksheets and information packs. Use these packs to catch up on missed work, or to prepare for the end-of-year exams. All answers are provided with the worksheet packs. All answers are provided with the worksheet packs. Study & Master Support packs are available for these Grade 12 subjects: Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting, Agriculture, English First Additional Language, Geography, Mathematical Literacy, Setswana, Siswati, IsiXhosa. Visit the Grade 12 Support Pack page

International education resources to support teaching and learning from home

Cambridge University Presss has created a collection of free worksheets, digital resources, tips and support to help you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Whether you are looking for primary or secondary materials, we have something for all ages. Visit the international schools support page

More details...

Does Cambridge Elevate work on all devices?

No. Presently Cambridge Elevate works on desktop, laptop and tablet devices with a minimum of a 7" screen. It is not currently configured for cell phones / smart phones. You can view and interact with our digital resources via a modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, and also download them using the Cambridge Reader app for Android or iOS (iPad devices). See these Technical FAQ's for specific details.


Will I receive the activation codes immediately?

No. It is not an automated process. Due to the effects of the national shutdown, turnaround times could vary. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to all requests. Duplicate requests will be ignored.


Can I share my activation code or login details with anyone else?

No. Each activation code is unique and can only be used once to create a profile. Only one user can access an activated profile at a time.


Can I request multiple free activation codes of the same type?

No. However, registered schools in South Africa can contact Alan Vesty, Business Development Manager e-Learning on 071 434 1214 or email for school-wide support and assistance, subject to approval and verification.


Do data charges apply?

You will require a valid internet connection to access these resources. Depending on your connection, data charges may apply.