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E-books: CAPS-approved Study & Master textbooks, as well as our latest study and exam guides, dictionaries and many other resources are available as e-books in both Secure PDF and EPUB formats. Standard as well as enhanced e-book editions cater for a wide range of devices, budgets and teaching preferences. Choose whether to buy perpetual access copies of our e-books or one-year licenses. In addition to e-books we are releasing a number of innovative APPs and m-Learning products for Android devices. Schools can order multiple copies of any of our e-books or APP titles, delivered to specified email addresses, or allocated via electronic vouchers.

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Cambridge Elevate is a learning support platform that provides access to all Cambridge University Press’s CAPS-approved textbook titles (and free teacher’s guides) as well as CAPS-aligned resources such as dictionaries and study guides.The platform has teacher and learner account types. The teacher account allows the teacher to send additional content to the learner or group of learners to supplement the textbook content. The teacher can also send voice and text-based messages to the class. This functionality allows for a virtual teacher from a better resourced school to assist teachers and learners at a less-resourced school virtually, sending content and guidance through the Elevate platform. Annotation tools for learners and teachers allow users to highlight text, bookmark key passages, add notes and create links to websites and other Elevate titles. The platform can be accessed through a browser on a computer or laptop as well as via an Android mobile app.

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Cambridge HOTmaths games are based on sound mathematical learning to provide good maths practice while engaging students using online mathematics learning resources. Students can use the games individually or they can be projected onto a whiteboard for a whole class task. The range of assessment tasks that Cambridge HOTmaths provides work best as an online mathematics learning resource, although teachers have the option to print out questions to create an instant test. The lesson notes and step-by-step walkthroughs of problems are ideal for students studying individually. Walkthrough problems take students through a problem with feedback at each step and are a great supplement to the lesson notes. The online mathematics learning resource
allows work to be completed and marked online, giving teachers instant access to reports on how their class and each individual student is doing. • Create your own tests with four levels of difficulty • seamlessly measure and report progress • spend less time marking and recording •  set up printable worksheets • maths games, puzzles, enrichment activities and interactive widgets • guided walkthroughs • gamification – compete in fast-paced maths competitions • whiteboard-friendly.

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ICT Resources to develop crucial coding, software and computer skills.

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