Educational Games for Grades R to 6

Keys to Learning - the fun way to key skills

Keys to Learning focuses on basic literacy, numeracy and mathematics skills, and can be used for the consolidation of skills in the mainstream classroom - as well as for remedial work at earlier levels.

Educational Card Games and Wall Friezes for Grades R to 6Keys to Learning games were developed by a group of highly experienced teachers with a special interest in how children learn, and particularly in how to assist the weaker learners who tend to get lost in a big learner group while challenging and stimulating the stronger learners. Card games are used to consolidate and reinforce these basic skills – in a pleasant and relaxed way that does not stress learners. The games encourage flexible thinking and better problem-solving skills.

The Keys to Learning approach ties in with Foundations for Learning. Not only do the games provide opportunities for teachers to assess learners, but they can also be used for remedial work.


  • All the card games are presented in boxed sets per learning area and per level.
  • The Grade R kit is integrated – i.e. it comprises packs of cards that cover both Literacy and Numeracy. This kit is not language specific and can be used in all classrooms.
  • An average of five different games can be played with each pack of cards.
  • Each boxed set contains the relevant card games for that level as well as a Teacher’s Guide. The Teacher’s Guides gives ideas for activities that build on concepts taught by each game and guides teachers on how to evaluate learners’ development.


Available in Kits and Packs for Grades R to 6 (ages 5+ to 11)

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Keys to Learning Grade R Kit

Keys to Learning Grade R Kit

Keys to Learning Language Kits (Grades 1 to 6)

Keys to Learning Language Kits

Keys to Learning Mathematics Kits (Grades 1 to 6)

Keys to Learning Mathematics Kits Grades 1 to 6

Keys to Learning Alphabet Game and Wall Frieze Packs
(Available in English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa and IsiZulu)

Keys to Learning Alphabet Games and Wall Frieze Packs

Keys to Learning Mathematics Top Score Games (Grade 7)


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Downloadable Catalogue

Try out a free Keys to Learning mini-game!

Click the below image to download the PDF, then print it on A3 paper and cut out the cards.

Click image to download a Keys to Learning printable mini-gameCategory Game: Sorting and Matching
2–4 players, or 4–8 players in pairs (Suitable for ages 5+)
Aim of the game: Players cooperate in sorting all the cards into categories or sets. A set (category) consists of four cards that have something in common (for example the car, bus, van and lorry cards). There are 13 categories in the pack.

How to play
1 Deal out all the cards as evenly as possible to the players.
2 Players should sort the cards in their hand into categories according to the design strip on the bottom of each card.
3 Players then work together to build complete sets by trading or swapping cards among each other until the pack is sorted into 13 categories.
4 Encourage players to discuss why the four cards in each set go together.

See if they can give a category name (such as ‘animals’ or ‘clothes’) to each set.

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