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NEWS | Review of Traditional fishing methods of Africa | POSTED 25 November 2016


Review of Traditional fishing methods of Africa, Mike Bruton, Cambridge University Press, 2016

Every now and then, I come upon a book that I just want to eat, it’s so delicious and offers such unusual delights.  Traditional fishing methods of Africa is perhaps an unlikely title for achieving this level of enjoyment, but Mike Bruton, a gifted scientist and public educator who has specialized in ichthyology in Africa for decades, has managed to take one of the more arcane areas of world knowledge and make it essential reading.  Reading the book, I found myself identifying closely with the story about fishing in Africa.  I revelled in learning about the wide and inventive variety of fishing equipment and practice used by peoples from many regions of the vast continent of Africa.  I was happy to try out some of the sidebar quizzes and I committed to memory lists of plants used for fishing traps and poisons derived from plants, scorpions and snakes.  The ecological discussion was rich and refreshingly unconventional.  I learned that fish populations are protected not only by taboos but also by the mere presence of crocodiles and hippopotamus.  Illustrated with excellent photos and beautifully designed, this is a book for all ages and all levels of education.  Student learners, teachers, parents and children, and government policy leaders – I recommend this book to everyone.

Hooley McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Information
University of Toronto
Retired, Vice President of Science Experience
& Chief Science Officer
at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada


About the book

Traditional fishing methods of Africa
Series: Indigenous Knowledge Library
Paperback ISBN: 9781107561878
Order it here

NEWS | Nickelodeon Genius | POSTED 15 November 2016

Nickelodeon Genius competition:

Congratulations to all the winners from each region who participated in the Nickelodeon Genius competition!
The top two finalists of each region received R10.000 worth of books from Cambridge University Press for their school 

 Gauteng South: 

  • Hyde Park high school 
  • I.R. Griffith Primary School 

Free State

  • Bethlehem Voortrekker Hoerskool
  • St Andrew's School


  • Northdene Preparatory School
  • Durban Girls' High School

Western Cape

  • Curro Durbanville High School
  • Glenwood House Preparatory School

Eastern Cape 

  • Malherbe High School 
  • Grey Junior School


NEWS | Book Launch | POSTED 14 October 2016

Book Launch: The Emergence of the South African Metropolis
by Vivian Bickford-Smith

Cambridge University Press in association with The Book Lounge invite you to the launch of our new African Edition: The Emergence of the South African Metropolis on 20 October 2016

About the book:
Focusing on South Africa’s three main cities - Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban - this book explores South African urban history from the late nineteenth century onwards. In particular, it examines the metropolitan perceptions and experiences of both black and white South Africans, as well as those of visitors, especially visitors from Britain and North America. Drawing on a rich array of city histories, travel writing, novels, films, newspapers, radio and television programs, and oral histories, Vivian Bickford-Smith focuses on the consequences of the depictions of the South African metropolis and the ‘slums’ they contained, and especially on how senses of urban belonging and geography helped create and reinforce South African ethnicities and nationalisms. This ambitious and pioneering account, spanning more than a century, will be welcomed by scholars and students of African history, urban history, and historical geography.


 Date: Thursday, 20 October 2016
 Time: 18:00 for 18:30
 Venue: The Book Lounge, 71 Roeland Street, Cape Town
 Speakers: John Maytham of Cape Talk Radio will be in conversation with Vivian Bickford-Smith

 RSVP: or 021 462 2425


Download the launch invitation



NEWS | Posted 16 September 2016 | International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Can hamburgers cause global warming?

An extract from  the Rainbow Reading fact book by Tali Bruk

Do you know that what people do in their own country can affect someone right on the other side of the world? What people do now can also change the way their grandchildren will live.

The United States of America (USA) is the largest country in North America. Do you think that people eating hamburgers in the USA will have an impact on global warming? Maybe.

Did you know that, on average, people in the USA eat about three hamburgers a week? There are over 300 million people living in the USA. That means 900 million hamburgers are being eaten every week, and 46 800 million hamburgers are being eaten every year.

A hamburger is made from beef. In the USA,most of the red meat is imported from South America. The farming of red meat uses a lot of land. Farmland in South America is scarce because much of South America is covered in rainforests. So,many of these forests are cut and burned to make way for cattle farms.

Forests are important for maintaining the Earth’s atmosphere as the trees release oxygen into the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide. They also reduce the temperature.Cattle, on the other hand, release carbon dioxide out their mouths when they breathe, and methane gas comes out of the other end!

Both carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases. Cattle-farming is responsible for about a fifth of the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions. More than you get from cars!

So the farming of cattle is likely to make the world hotter. Do you think that means people should eat fewer hamburgers?

About the book: Can hamburgers cause global warming?

9780521744836Can Hamburgers Cause Global Warming? is about the environmental crisis currently facing the world. The book explores how human activities are causing large amounts of greenhouse gases to be emitted into the earth's atmosphere. This is resulting in global warming, which affects the earth's weather patterns. Can hamburgers cause global warming? shows how our actions are interconnected and affect everyone around the planet.

Title: Can hamburgers cause global warming?
Series: RAINBOW READING LEVEL 7 Energy and change (Readers)
ISBN: 9780521744836
Author: Tali Bruk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Level: Level 7 Violet Box C
Theme: Energy and Change
Type: Read alone 
Applicable Grades/Level: 6,7
Publication Language: English
Format: Paperback
Type: Reader

Order this title here



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27 January 2017 - International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust


04 February 2017 - World Cancer Day
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11 February 2017 - International Day of Women and Girls in Science
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01 March 2017 - Zero Discrimination Day 
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23 March 2017 - World Meteorological Day 
24 March 2017 - World Tuberculosis Day 
24 March 2017 - International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims
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