Preparing for High School Maths

Applicable Grades: 7 to 8

Preparing for High School Maths consolidates key CAPS skills. This book has been written for students in the final year of primary school who want to make sure that they are fully prepared to begin secondary school maths, as well as for students in the first year of secondary school who need revision and extra practice on basic skills.

Ten content areas are covered, including a complete chapter on problem solving. Each content area contains:

  • a checklist of skills
  • a diagnostic test
  • clear step-by-step explanations
  • worked examples
  • a set of practice exercises
  • a set of extension questions requiring application of the skills developed within the topic

There are also eight multiple-choice assessment tasks to provide immediate feedback. As well as ensuring that students have a good foundation for their secondary maths education, this material can also be helpful for primary students who are preparing for high school scholarship and school entrance examinations.

Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar as Voorbereiding vir Höerskool-wiskunde