Rainbow Reading

Rainbow Reading is a graded reading series for primary schools. It provides a wealth of original stories and factual texts, which will help learners to develop the reading skills and vocabulary they need to meet the requirements of the curriculum in all learning areas. All 350 titles in the series are written by South African authors. Rainbow Reading motivates young readers to become fluent readers, because it allows them to choose stories that they want to read and to read at their own level.

The series has been carefully developed according to a framework that takes into account:

  • the target age and grade of learners
  • how young readers develop an awareness of print, books and stories
  • how they develop phonemic awareness
  • how they develop vocabulary in an additional language


  • 350 books graded in 7 levels
  • 5 boxed sets of books in each level
  • 10 different books (fiction and non-fiction) and a Teacher's Guide in each box.
  • All 350 readers can also be purchased individually

Reading skills and vocabulary for the entire curriculum:

 In each of the seven levels, the titles are clustered into themes that match key learning areas found in primary school curricula. In each of the seven levels of the Rainbow Reading series, there are 10 titles with language and literacy themes, 10 with mathematics themes, 10 with life, earth or physical science themes, 10 with social science themes and 10 readers with arts and culture themes.