Resource Titles (Print Editions)

Working with expert author teams, the African Branch of Cambridge University Press publishes high-quality, innovative resources for markets in Africa. 


Rainbow Reading - a graded reading series for all levels of primary school, consisting of 350 fiction and non-fiction readers in seven levels

The Little Library - available in all official languages of South Africa, consists of readers, big books and posters for literacy, numeracy and life skills

CAPS Study and Exam Guides - trusted support for revision and final exam preparation

Study & Master Maths Online - practical workbooks supported and powered by Cambridge HOTmaths

Senior Phase Mathematics - an array of quality print and digital resources to support Senior Phase mathematics

Cambridge IGCSE Afrikaans Second Language - textbook resources for Afrikaans Tweede Taal

Cambridge Copy Collection - the Primary Vocabulary Box contains 70 games and activities to suit a variety of teaching situations

Cambridge Mental Maths - this series sets out to develop a variety of mental strategies to help learners become confident in mathematics

Keys to Learning - games provide opportunities for teachers to assess learners, and can also be used for remedial work.

Dictionaries - Low Price Editions of Cambridge English Dictionaries, Mathematics, Accounting and Business Science Dictionaries

ICT Resources - ICT resources for learners and teachers, including coding skills

Indigenous Knowledge Library - these innovative reference titles support IKS (Indigenous Knowledge Systems)

Cambridge Eleven - a growing series of original South African literature in different genres and languages. 

Shakespeare Resources - Shakespeare for South African schools, student guides and New Cambridge Shakespeare editions

Cambridge English Literature - this category contains various prescribed setworks

Approved FET Literature - per the DBE SA's National Literature catalogue

Resources for Teachers and Academics - selected resources for teacher development, professional development, academic writing and research skills