Resources for Senior Phase Mathematics 

Based on studies conducted by the Department of Basic Education, Cambridge University Press identified senior phase mathematics as an area where support was needed.

In response to this, we have developed an array of print and digital resources for senior phase mathematics, including: bilingual mathematics dictionaries, classroom and workshop activities that develop maths teaching skills, mental maths workbooks, card games to reinforce key maths skills, mathematical bridging content between primary and secondary school, maths study guides for grades 8-9 which include substantial revision elements, as well as a brand-new online mathematics resource, Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition.

Cambridge Mental Maths Grades 1 to 9

The Cambridge Mental Maths series has been carefully developed to cover mental maths activities throughout the year and could be an excellent tool on learners’ desks to stimulate interest in this aspect of the subject. The series sets out to develop a variety of mental strategies to help learners become confident in mathematics. Read more

Mathematical Thinking in the lower secondary classroom

This book is for teachers and educators who want to develop their maths teaching skills where English is the language of instruction. It has been written by the international group of educators based at AIMSSEC, The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre. Read more 







Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition

Developed as an online mathematics learning resource, Cambridge HOTmaths CAPS Edition allows teachers and learners to access high quality content. Cambridge HOTmaths games are based on sound mathematical learning to provide good maths practice while engaging students using online mathematics learning resources. Students can use the games individually or they can be projected onto a whiteboard for a whole class task. The lesson notes and step-by-step walkthroughs of problems are ideal for students studying individually. Walkthrough problems take students through a problem with feedback at each step and are a great supplement to the lesson notes. The range of assessment tasks that Cambridge HOTmaths provides work best as an online mathematics learning resource, although teachers have the option to print out questions to create an instant test. The online mathematics learning resource allows work to be completed and marked online, giving teachers instant access to reports on how their class and each individual student is doing. Teachers - request a free trial


Study & Master Mathematics Study Guides Grades 8 to 9

Study & Master CAPS Study Guides have been developed as an aid to support you throughout your school year, down the home stretch leading up to the final examinations. Also available in Afrikaans Read more 







The Cambridge Mathematics Dictionary for Schools

The Cambridge Mathematics Dictionary for Schools is now available in several official languages of South Africa. These dictionaries cover all the mathematics terminology needed in the Intermediate and Senior Phase classroom in an interesting, creative and learner-friendly way. Available in these languages: English, Afrikaans, IsiNdebele, Siswati, Setswana, Sesotho, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa Read more 







Keys to Learning Mathematics Top Score Games (Grade 7)

Keys to Learning games were developed by a group of highly experienced teachers with a special interest in how children learn, and particularly in how to assist the weaker learners who tend to get lost in a big learner group while challenging and stimulating the stronger learners. Card games are used to consolidate and reinforce these basic skills – in a pleasant and relaxed way that does not stress learners. The games encourage flexible thinking and better problem-solving skills. Read more