Study Guides and Exam Guides

The African Branch of Cambridge University Press has published two series of guides:

Study & Master Study Guides (Senior and FET Phase)

The Study & Master Study Guide series has long been credited with assisting thousands of South African learners to pass with flying colours. These in-depth guides are designed principally for revision purposes, and are therefore an ideal resource for learners and educators which are best utilised from around 180 days prior to final exams. The range of titles in this series is now also expanding to include subjects taught in the Senior Phase. All-new CAPS-aligned titles in this popular series were published in 2013/14.



PASS Examination Guides (Grade 12)

The PASS Examination Guide series (also published in Afrikaans as SLAAG Eksamengidse) debuted in 2010, and has already proven to be very popular with both learners and educators. Sporting extents of less than 112 pages, exam questions and memoranda as well as subject-specific hints and tips, these bright, compact exam guides are designed especially for South African learners who are in the final stages of preparing for their year-end examinations.