Rainbow Reading Level 4

The books in Level 4 can be used in any grade in the Foundation Phase, but they are best suited to learners who are in Grade 3, who are around eight or nine years old and who speak English as an additonal language. Children learning English as an additional language will need to consolidate their knowledge of vocabulary and language structures mainly by reading and writing at this level. They should begin to read fiction and non-fiction independently at their own pace. Most learners will need some visual support to help them understand what they are reading.

Level 4 Rainbow Reading books are either 16 or 24 pages long and are based on familiar objects and actions. Many stories feature children the same age as the readers. The non-fiction (fact and information) books at this level provide a rich source of subject vocabulary around different themes, and introduce devices such as glossaries, indexes, keys and other subject-appropriate features such as maps.

There are two types of texts at this level:

  • Fiction stories  400-900 total words
  • Non-fiction texts 400-1100 total words

The boxed sets in Level 4 contains a comprehensive teacher's guide which provides support for teaching reading and book skills at this level, as well as guidance for each book, including key vocabulary, text features, phonics, sentence types and suggested activities.