Rainbow Reading Level 5

The books in Level 5 can be used in any grade in the Intermediate Phase but they are best suited to learners in Grade 4 and 5, who are between nine and 11 years old and who speak English as an additional language. Children who are learning English as an additional language, and who are learning other subjects through the medium of English will need to consolidate their knowledge of vocabulary and language structures by reading English as often, and as much, as possible.

Level 5 Rainbow Reading books are 24 pages long and are based on familiar objects and actions. Many stories feature children the same age as the readers. Stories are supported by pictures on each page, however learners at this level will not be able to follow the story by using the pictures only. Learners are exposed to a combination of different reading methods, books with different structures (where the text and artwork appear in different forms), so that learners will get used to the idea that there are many different ways to express and present text.

There are two types of texts at this level:

  • Fiction  1000-1300 total words
  • Non-fiction  1000-1300 total words

The boxed sets in Level 5 contain a comprehensive teacher's guide containing valuable guidance on teaching key book skills and using Rainbow Reading in the classroom, as well as guidance on each title, including activities, genre, synopses and links.