The main character in 'Ek is perfek!' is a messy young boy who has a neat and tidy sister. She is everything that he is not, but their mother loves them both equally. One day the messy child looks in a mirror and is shocked by the monster staring back at him. He decides to mend his grubby ways and clean himself up. With some effort, he manages to become clean but still a little untidy. He decides that his sister may be perfect, but that he is perfectly himself.

Title: Ek is perfek! (Big Book version) Series: LITTLE LIBRARY LIFE SKILLS BIG BOOKS (Afrikaans)

ISBN: 9780521166997 Author: Martie Preller

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/

Level: R,1,2,3 Publication

Language: Afrikaans

Format: Paperback Type: Big Book