Components: 60 Readers, 12 Big Books, 12 colour posters, 1 Teacher's Guide. The Little Library Literacy Kit focuses on promoting basic literacy skills to learners of five to nine years of age, as stated in the National Curriculum Statement. Through story telling and incorporating listening, speaking, reading and viewing and writing the learners are encouraged to develop basic English literacy skills. Each story in the kit has literacy concepts built into it and is presented in such a way that it is fun, meaningful and linked to what the learners already know. Although the primary focus of the kit is literacy, there are also opportunities for integration with other Learning Programmes at this level. The 12 story books in the Little Library Literacy Kit make use of fun, humour, rhyme, suspense and interesting facts to introduce and reinforce literacy concepts, general concepts and English vocabulary. For example, 'Hic... Hic ... Hiccups!' deals with family members, actions (verbs) and problem solving, 'The Terrible Graakwa' covers plurals, opposites and wild animals and 'Poetry' explores rhyme, riddles and actions. 'Soccer' introduces the concepts of non-fiction and positive role models. Each story book is available as a big book and as a reader. There are five readers and one big book for each story in the kit. A set of posters and a Teacher's Guide are also included. The Big Books are well suited to group and class work. The stories can be presented to groups of learners or to the whole class. The language and vocabulary used in many of the big books are more detailed than that in the matching little books. The vocabulary focus for each of the stories is taken from both the big and the little books. Readers: You can read the same story a number of times with your learners. The readers can be used for group reading or the learners can read them on their own or in pairs. The language and vocabulary level in the little books is easier than in the big books. This will allow learners to become more confident to read independently. Posters: A full colour poster accompanies each story and depicts elements of the story or elements of the main literacy concepts covered in the story. Some of the posters add to the storyline or provide additional information about concepts covered in the story. All of them encourage discussion and language development. The posters can be used as a resource in groups, with individuals, or as a whole class. Teacher's Guide: The Teacher's Guide offers lesson and activity ideas primarily for English as a First Additional Language Learning Area, but other Learning Areas are also covered. The Teacher's Guide also has three graded, photocopiable activity pages for each story book. These pages consolidate and expand upon the concepts touched on in the story books. Explanation notes on how to introduce the concepts and how to complete the activity pages are provided, as well as the answers to the activities. All the stories in the kit stand on their own very well and so can be included effectively as part of a teacher's existing routine and programme. Clear curriculum links are pointed out in the Teacher's Guide for this purpose.

Title: Little Library Literacy Kit (Sepedi) Series: LITTLE LIBRARY LITERACY KITS

ISBN: 9780521758192 Author: various

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/

Level: R,1,2,3 Publication

Language: Sepedi

Format: Kit Type: Kit: Readers, Big Books, Posters, Teacher's Guide