Components: 60 Readers, 12 Big Books, 12 colour posters, 1 Teacher's Guide. The Little Library Numeracy Kit focuses on promoting basic numeracy skills to learners of five to nine years of age, as stated in the National Curriculum Statement. Through story telling and reading, learners are encouraged to develop skills that lay the foundation for later mathematical instruction. Each story in the kit has numeracy concepts built into it and is presented in such a way that the learners can see how numeracy is part of their daily lives. Although the primary focus of the kit is numeracy, there are also opportunities for integration with all other Learning Programmes at this level. The twelve story books in the Little Library Numeracy Kit introduce and reinforce numeracy concepts and language. The learners will be familiar with some of the concepts and language already and these story books deal with real numeracy in real situations. For example, 'A good plan' deals with measuring skills, 'Keep the change' looks at spending money and working out change and 'The move' follows a family from the time their new house is being built to the time they move into their completed home. Each story book is available as a big book and as a reader. There are five readers and one big book for each story in the kit. A set of posters and a Teacher's Guide are also included. Big books: Big books are well suited to group and class work. The stories can be presented to groups of learners or to the whole class. New vocabulary can be discussed and the learners will be able to focus on the stories and understand and enjoy them fully. Numeracy concepts within each story can then be introduced in a concrete way before the learners move on to a more abstract understanding. The language and vocabulary used in many of the big books is more detailed than that in the matching little books. Teachers should introduce the stories to the learners by reading the big books to them. Readers: Learners can read the readers on their own or in pairs. The language and vocabulary level in the little books is easier than in the big books. This will allow learners to become more confident to read independently. Posters: A full-colour poster accompanies each story and depicts elements of the story or elements of the main numeracy concepts covered in the story. Some of the posters add to the storyline, others consolidate information in the story and all of them encourage discussion and language development. The posters can be used as a resource in groups, with individuals or as a whole class.

Title: Little Library Numeracy Kit (IsiZulu) Series: LITTLE LIBRARY NUMERACY KITS

ISBN: 9780521758222 Author: various

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/

Level: R,1,2,3 Publication

Language: IsiZulu

Format: Kit Type: Kit: Readers, Big Books, Posters, Teacher's Guide