Monkey business' is written in verse with a simple rhyming scheme. A family has a picnic in an area where there are monkeys. The monkeys watch the humans drink beer and smoke cigarettes. When the picnic is over, the people leave, leaving all their litter behind. The curious monkeys copy what the humans did. They drink beer, smoke cigarette butts and set fire to the forest. Feeling ill from beer and cigarettes and frightened by the fire, the monkeys work together to tidy up and set things right. They realise that certain human habits are not worth copying.

Title: Monkey business Series: LITTLE LIBRARY LIFE SKILLS READERS (English)

ISBN: 9780521719445 Author: Jolanta Durno

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/

Level: R,1,2,3 Publication

Language: English

Format: Paperback Type: Reader