The story begins with the arrival of a newborn baby sister for Andrina. The baby is welcomed by everyone, including Grandmother. Shortly afterwards, Grandmother dies and Andrina is devastated. She cries at school and doesn't know how to deal with her sadness. But then people who knew her grandmother arrive at her home. Each has a story and a memory about Grandmother. Through the stories, Andrina realises that a part of her grandmother lives on in the hearts and minds of others, because of the kindness she showed them and the good deeds she did during her lifetime. The value of this story lies in the gentle handling of death as a part of life; a sad, but in this case, natural event. Although there is real and deep sadness, there is also comfort and support from family and friends. There is also a new baby in the house. The story shows learners that there is a cycle to life.

Title: Remembering Grandmother (Big Book version) Series: LITTLE LIBRARY LIFE SKILLS BIG BOOKS (English)

ISBN: 9780521644532 Author: Dianne Stewart

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/

Level: R,1,2,3 Publication

Language: English

Format: Paperback Type: Big Book