FORMAT: Cambridge Elevate* 

DESCRIPTION: Study & Master Technology Grade 7 has been specially developed by experienced educators to meet all the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). This new and easy-to-use course not only helps learner’s master essential content and skills in the subject, but gives them the best possible foundation on which to develop and build their Technology knowledge and understanding. The comprehensive Learner's Book provides an overview of content, concepts and skills covered in each term, supplies activities that develop learners' skills and understanding of each of the topics specified by CAPS, includes investigations, and practical tasks, as well as Formal Assessment Tasks in the form of Mini-PATs for each term, features 'Did you know?' boxes with interesting additional information and 'Safety tip' and hint boxes that provide guidance on how to do technology tasks safely and easily. The Learner's Book also includes a glossary of key words to help with the understanding of new terms and concepts.

* Cambridge Elevate editions are digital versions of our comprehensive textbooks, available through our digital teaching and learning subscription service. Cambridge Elevate offers rich digital content to engage and motivate students and includes a range of tools available online through browsers, or offline through iOS or Android apps, so students can access the content anytime, anywhere.