Thulani, Timmy and Anwar are three 11-year-old boys who want to make some money, so they can buy the things they want. They start a little enterprise selling homemade popcorn during break time at school. The plot takes learners from their decision to make popcorn, an afternoon of making and packaging the popcorn, to the successful sales at school. But then, one day, the raw materials disappear! There is a short spell where the boys decide to take shortcuts to make money quicker, by compromising the quality of their product. They soon realise that this is not a good idea. They make an apology at school during assembly, then continue with their enterprise, with plans for expansion and product diversification!

Level: Level 6 Indigo Box C Theme: Matter and Materials Type: Read alone

Title: The popcorn boys Series: RAINBOW READING LEVEL 6 Matter and materials (Readers)

ISBN: 9780521749022 Author: Fatiema Stolk, Moeneba Slamang

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/

Level: 5,6 Publication

Language: English

Format: Paperback Type: Reader