Thunder and lightning is a tale from a long time ago when thunder and lightning lived with the people on Earth. Thunder was an old sheep and her son, the young ram, was lightning. Each time the humid weather came before the rains, Ram would get irritable and lose his temper. He would flash with anger and cause destructive fires in the village. His mother would shout loudly in a rumbling voice. When the villagers have enough of this, they finally banish Ram and his mother from the village and order them to live in the sky - where they live to this day.
Level: Level 5 Blue Box C Theme: Earth and Beyond Type: Read alone
Title: Thunder And Lightning Series: RAINBOW READING LEVEL 5 Earth and beyond (Readers)
ISBN: 9780521092333 Author: Daphne Paizee
Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/
Level: 4,5 Publication
Language: English
Format: Paperback Type: Reader