Vusirala is a greedy giant who is always hungry. The villagers are all afraid of him until a young girl bravely and cleverly saves them. This story deals with growth, comparative size, compounding of numbers and doubling up; the giant doubles his size each time he appears and is given double the number of animals to eat. The story also touches on opposites such as heavy and light and loud and soft, and on estimation. The fact that the young girl solves her problem by thinking rather than running away helps to give the learners the idea that sometimes a good solution is in their own minds and not only something they have learned from someone else.

Title: UVusirala izimuzimu Series: LITTLE LIBRARY NUMERACY READERS (IsiNdebele)

ISBN: 9780521722506 Author: Vuyokasi Matross, Sr Cecilia Ntliziywana et al

Publisher: Cambridge University Press Applicable Grades/

Level: R,1,2,3 Publication

Language: IsiNdebele

Format: Paperback Type: Reader